First Look At Toy Story 3

Coming into 2010 there was one animated movie that was on everybody’s mind, no matter their age. Toy Story 3, a computer generated animated film featuring Buzz Lightyear , Woody and the gang will be released on June 18 of this year, being Pixar’s annual release for this year. It will be released both in regular cinema format and in 3D.

How times change! Pixar once said that they only produced Toy Story 2 as a way of fulfilling a contractual obligation to Disney as part of a three film deal. Now well and truly a part of the Disney legacy they obviously feel that the Toy Story franchise is worth committing to. And I don’t hear anyone complaining. Toy Story 3 was one of those rare films that was as good as or better than the original and the 4 years of improvements in computer technology wasn’t the only thing that helped.

Pixar have consistently shown not that they are adept at both the art of the animation process and the physics of computer technology, but they also show a great respect for the strength of a simple story told well with real (albeit computer generated) characters. Toy Story 2 built on the premise established in the first film and managed to make viewers care about toys that came to life and missed their owners. Few films can match the kind of emotion generated when Jessie told her story of abandonment against a stirring Sarah McLachlan soundtrack. True to this theme the tagline for Toy Story 3 reads, “No Toy Gets Left Behind”.

The third film stars Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Michael Keaton, Jodi Benson and more and is set approximately 10 years after the original. Andy, the toys’ beloved owner is off to college and his toys are accidently donated to the Sunnyside Daycare Center. Once at the center, the toys become aware that Andy is looking for them and set out to escape. But things are never as easy as they seem and the toys must deal with a gang of other toys who don’t want them to leave and a damaged Buzz Lightyear whose electronic chip reverts to the original Buzz, but now in Spanish!

The film is directed by Lee Unkrich, who you can follow on Twitter for regular updates. Lee edited the last two Toy Story films and co-directed the second. Pixar is on track to continue their incredible record of successful films with heart this June.

At Last, It Is Possible To Purchase A Cheap Blu Ray Player

It’s not so unexpected, since technological breakthroughs have come to be increasingly more common over the past few years, but yet, even with that taken into consideration, the costs of these new releases always seem to rise above most normal and respectable economic levels. By way of example, when the Blu Ray technology was launched, the costs for most of these new home theatre systems went through the roof and would not show any signs whatsoever of decreasing till the middle of the following decade. Imagine I were to explain how you are able to purchase a cheap blu ray player at roughly the same cost that it would to obtain a normal Dvd movie player?

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Prison Break: Back To The Cells

Fans of the Fox television crime drama series have a lot to look forward to in season 3, according to cast member Dominic Purcell, who stars as wrongfully accused felon Lincoln Burrows. He has stated that the show is attempting a back-to-basics approach by setting much of the action within another prison, similar to the setting and premise of the first season. Lincoln?s brother Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller, is forced to contend with an out-of-control prison system in Panama. The new jail is devoid of any law system or order, with inmates being left to fend for themselves and where only the strongest survive.

Purcell has stated that he believes the new season to be the best one yet, and in addition, his fellow cast member Amaury Nolasco also said that season 3 has really pushed the envelope for the series. But compared to Purcell?s frank openness and candid answers to questions about the third season, Nolasco provided more mysterious and cryptic tidbits about what?s to come. In the previous season, Nolasco?s character Fernando Sucre suffered a notable number of setbacks and problems. Among these were being stabbed by the serial killer T-Bag, played by Robert Knepper, and the heinous abduction of his lover Maricruz Delgado, played by Camille Guaty.

Giving more details, Nolasco said that numerous loose ends and subplots were going to be tied up, such as Sucre?s search for his girlfriend. While remaining mum on more specific details, he also stated there was a chance that some of the material they filmed might not be allowed to be shown on national television, due to possible extreme content. However, he said that what the series has done yet again this season is to reinvent itself with its latest developments, and that fans should look forward to that.

Unforgettable Drama Movies

There are some drama movies that deal with emotional themes. Dramatic themes in these films include subjects like alcoholism, drug addiction, racial prejudice, poverty, religious intolerance, crime and corruption. These type of movies stand in contrast to action films that show the fast-paced action and physical conflict with the help of superficial characters. Almost all films have dramatic element in them, but the drama films typically focus on the drama of the main issue.

Some well-known drama movies include the Godfather(19 72), Citizen Kane (1941) and Schindler’s List’ (1993). All these films have been able to create a deep impact on the mind of the viewers. They talk about an essential conflict that is highly required in such type of movies. This is the reason that these films are the most talked about among thousands of people even these days.

One most popular movie that has captured the attention of the viewers world wide is the Godfather. It is one of all-time favourite films for people. The third part of this film came in 1990, but it was not as impressive as the first two in 1972 and 1974. The third part focuses on an ageing Michael buying a huge real estate company from the Vatican in 1979, but in doing so he faces trouble from the European criminals. After this, when Micheal falls ill, he gives his business to his nephew (Andy Garcia). Micheal is brought up in a tight-knit family.

Luck did not really favour him in his life. His first wife dies in a car accident. His second wife Kay ( Diane Keaton) divorces him and he never remarries again. He and Kay have two children. Micheal ends up his life by dying alone with only his puppy to mourn for him.

Another interesting drama movie is Citizen Kane. It is an innovative and breathtaking study of a character that is played by Orson Welles. He looks amazing in the role of the wealthy and powerful newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane. The story unfolds a series of flashbacks that refresh the memories of the viewers who know Kane. This is a great film to watch because the visual style is just stunning and inventive even today. The star cast of the film is also very experienced one. So, do enjoy this superb drama film and know about the life of newspaper tycoon-Kane.

So, it can be concluded that drama movies are one of the best option to know the issues in society. They depict the picture of different cultures and traditions. One can know about the emerging evils in the society by watching these movies. They can easily be enjoyed from various sites where you do not have to spend even a single penny, because there are so many websites that offer film watching free of cost.

Why Bother Watching Supernatural Episodes?

The world of the paranormal is back ? back in television that is. The signs were clear when the show Lost, and Medium by ABC and NBC respectively have been gaining ratings. Warner Brothers has joined the fray with the new series Supernatural. Episodes of this show play like its own mini horror movie. The truth is, Warner Brothers have always been doing this kind of show. They were the ones who made Buffy the Vampire Slayer such a big hit. They followed it with the spin-off Angel. Then there was the hit series that made Witches so much sexier Charmed and then finally, the very successful Smallville based on the teen life of the worlds most popular superhero. Supernatural features pretty boys and pretty girls all involved in the world of unholy phenomena. Despite that, his show can actually scare you.

The main characters Sam and Dean Winchester are played by actors with unpronounceable last names Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The two are actually ok actors. They do their job on screen well enough for us to believe what they are doing or to believe that there is actually some demon in the scene. The only distraction is that they are just look too much like pretty boy models. Jared Padalecki has been trying to get other kinds of acting opportunities. He recently had a role as a victim in the House of Wax horror movie and as another victim in the movie Cry Wolf. Okay, so those roles aren?t exactly new. He might not be able to get out of the genre of the supernatural. Episodes that showcase his acting skills are many though, and might be good enough for his career. On the other hand, Jensen Ackles seems like a more veteran actor. He is more convincing for me.

Eric Kripke, another unpronounceable surname, is the Supernatural Episodes creator and executive producer. This is a hell of a lot better than the last project he was involved in, the massive failure called ?Tarzan.? Supernatural episodes have a better horror quality. It actually made my heart skip maybe once or twice throughout the season. But maybe that is only because I am not really that used to seeing blood and gore in my television set. My dose of horror blood is always taken through the movie houses. So in the final analysis, Fox has tried to combine some elements from The X-files, and also some story elements from the show Route 66. The show, especially in the last few plot twisting episodes of season 4 is worthy of being watched. It?s a welcome addition to the horror genre in television which seems to have been thinning out as of late.

Budding Actors, Overwhelming Performance!

Actors are intercepts who depict a particular icon or a character. In south Indian cinema young budding actors always steal the ramp. Actors and actress are given first priority in screens and also in audience mind. In this ultra modern era of movies artists need to work hard and always be different.
Actors, now a day add a great deal of effort in fighting sequences and trying difficult dance moves to give a best cinema. Although they acclaim critics in their initial stage, they slowly start tasting success and getting recognized. An actor always considers applauds as his asset and a return for his efforts.
Actresses are becoming more popular and they are the eye tuners in today?s theatres. Rather, we can proclaim as tactical business moves in cinema industry. The most sensible and sensation actresses never has ideal days in her call sheets. To say in simple words, actresses are ?Beauties spurred up with talent?

As these performers of silver screen aren?t in stress like IT employees or IIM graduates, but, yet they hit the deck hard and spreads out their smartness in electronic media.
A day never ends without watching TV, hearing to songs, advertisements. This makes normal people even closer with the performers. So, in short a performance always has an eye to get noticed. It?s like a chain or a cycle that circles around actors or actresses and audience. To get a proper and a satisfied output from spectators, actors need to be more particular in what they give.
Another important feature to be a performer is that, keep the viewers guessing. This is a strongest tool to gather people?s hearts. Performances are always measured in the quality of the output, but now a days getting popularity midst viewers is gaining equal importance.
Audience expectation is an acronym which affects an actor or actresses performance. Efforts can go unnoticed if expectations are higher. It?s just like a sharp knife without a handle, but should be handled.
Acknowledgements come in the way of each actors life, but critics always over takes it. It?s in one?s particular hands to handle acknowledgements and critics, as these are like two mountains, in between actors or actress thrive.
Astonishing sustainability and will power should be developed in performers mind and all of them do have this. Creativity is what mattered most. To bring a narration into pictography by acting is something not going to be easy all the time. But as time prolongs, it?s then to be said as pure professionalism.
Another transition is that when they are celebrities restrictions do occur, but they are ifs and buts in life. Gossips are the most annoying part in it. But it will pass by as time prolongs. Celebrities deal it with a smiling face and that?s what it should be done. Their works fill with different characters and different experiences. They will learn from it and these are their actual classrooms. Finally, whether all these matters the most, person?s quality is determined in big screens and they call it as overwhelming performance!

Cable Tv For Free


Now it is possible that you can get cable TV legally and free of cost. Enjoy indefinite live cable TV which is available around the clock. Few years back it was impossible but with the development of the internet it has been made possible for not only in the field of transferring the information but also in the field of entertainment. With the help of high-speed broadband and the latest software now you can enjoy live television. Lots and lots of people are enjoying this new technology direct on their personal computers.

Knowing more about cable TV-

It forces us to think that how is it possible but on the second thought the internet answers all our queries where development can be seen in every field. Nowadays the technology has become so advanced that with the help of internet and software you can enjoy the cable TV anywhere.

The digital cable encoder is available in a substantial toolbar that comes along with a drop down menu straight to the channel whether it is an entertainment channel or a music channel. With the help of drop down menu they are very easy to use. The high definition cable TV descrambler is very much linked to those people those who are having HDTV computer monitors.

Now you don?t have to make heavy monthly payments and you don?t need to have and wires and satellite dishes for viewing different nternet tv channels. You virtually have access to thousands of channels that can be seen across the world. A computer or may be a laptop with internet connection is only needed to enjoy thousands of channels. Different satellite and dish operators charge heavily to provide you with the services. They also charge heavy monthly fees and don?t provide you with complete channels. But now with the help of internet you can easily watch different channels and you don?t have to pay for the heavy monthly charges.

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All you need to do is to make a one time payment for the software for your personal computer which empowers you to watch a variety of the programs. There are no hidden charges for it and no heavy monthly fees.

The Voice Overs Are The Professional Services Offering Opportunities To The Versatile VO Actors

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6 Worst Films In Cinema History

You will not find Citizen Cane in this list. You will read here neither about Academy Award winners nor about movies that have changed the world of films. You will read here about films that the only thing they are remembered about is how bad they are.

Here is list of the worst films ever hit the big screens.
1) Plan 9 from Outer Space
Thanks to its mumbled plot, unbelievably odd dialogue, clumsy acting, corny production design, and ridiculous special effects, the low budget film of 1956 was announced in several occasions, including in a Seinfeld episode, as the worse film ever made and honored its maker, Ed Wood, as the worse director in film history. Plan 9, in short, tells the story of space invaders who aim to take over the world and raise people from the dead. The leading role of an old man in a Dracula costume who is coming out of the dead was shared by still photos of the late actor Bela Lugosi and by the younger, taller and balder Tom Mason.

2) The Conqueror
Even though The Conqueror is the opposite of a low budget film, since Howard Hughes had invested in it about 12 million dollars back in 1956; Although it featured huge Hollywood star John Wayne as Genghis Khan, The Conqueror remains one of largest disasters in film history. When adding to its lack of reliability, poor acting, ridiculous dialogues and unbelievably stupid custom design the rumors that the shooting in an atomic testing range caused to the death of its cast of cancer. And when considering the fact that it was the last film production of Hughes who later became a solitary weirdo, the result has to be either a huge embracement or a cult movie.

3) Che!
1969 Che! is yet another failed biopic that prefers to ignore historical facts and to depict living people in a ridiculous manner. In this particular case, Omar Sharif poorly plays Che Guevara while Jack Palance demonstrates his comedy talent in the role of Fidel Castro. At the same time, the screenwriters have chosen to ignore trivial historic facts such as all the part of the formative pre Cuban revolution. In addition, Che! was considered an offensive film in the South America countries and the Argentinean audience welcomed it with Molotov cocktails.

4) Glitter
The debut acting film of singer Mariah Carey from 2001 had entered to the worst films list for setting new standards of sentimental kitsch in the anyway clich? genre of the rise to fame of a poor but talented girl. Glitter obviously targets her pre teens fans; it is the only way to explain the holes in the plot, the banal characters, not to mention the poor acting and directing.

5) Gigli
The huge media attention given to the leading stars of Gigli: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, or Bennifer, did not help it from becoming one of the biggest box office flops of the 2000s. Theoretically, the original screenplay did have a potential of turning into a decent dark comedy. However, the screenplay was written and added unreasonably changes and some romantic scenes were added in order to entice celebrity magazines readers. The result was so bad that Lopez acting seemed like a demonstration of delicacy and talent comparing to the other performances.

6) Swept Away
By 2002, it was clear that only a miracle could save Madonna’s acting career from being remembered as a sequence of embarrassing flops. The remake of the 1974 Italian film of the same name directed by Guy Ritchie, her husband and up until Swept Away was released, a critically acclaimed director was not the miracle you were hoping for, unless you were hoping to name Madonna as the worse actress in film history.

Watch Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Movie Online – Where To Download For Free?

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